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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fun Times!

Here are some fun pictures from Learning Night and the Fall Festival (I can't get them to turn back properly, so you'll just have to turn your head to the side! Sorry!).

Learning Night & Fall Festival

We can't just learn, learn, learn all the time! :-)
So, once in a while we like to throw some fun into the mix. Last Thursday our school hosted Learning Night where students did various activities with Math, Reading, Writing, and Science. They also got to read with Maggie, win books on the book walk, and vote on their favorite literacy pumpkin.
Today our class had a fall festival where we let our creativity run wild! The students got to paint a pumpkin with a face like their favorite book character, create a fuzzy spider, decorate a delicious cookie, and practice their sight words while coloring a fall masterpiece.
Thanks to the parents who helped with the activities and who sent in supplies to make our fall festival a success!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fun at the Art Parade and Paw Party

Start the Arts

Last Friday all the students in the school were able to participate in the Start the Arts parade. They went to various stations where they learned about different types of art: photography, film/video, music, dance, literature, and visual arts.
Students who wish to can enter the art contest in one of the six categories. They have to come up with their own idea, such as creating their own dance, and then submit their artwork!

Our class also reached their first goal of 25 paws. These are earned when the students walk quietly in the hallway and another teacher notices and comments on what a great job they are doing. Paw points can also be earned during resources. As a reward, we got to eat outside for lunch and have some delicious cookies.
Great job class!