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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Goodbye Kindergarten!

I truthfully feel like it was just a few weeks ago that I was writing my welcome to school message and now, here we are at the end! I hope each of you had a great experience with New Berlin and with your child's first year in school in my kindergarten classroom. I know the students made lots of wonderful memories and hopefully you were able to share with them, if not during the year, then with the slide show each of the students took home in their summer goody bag.

If your child was absent on Friday when report cards went home, remember you can stop by the office during their summer hours to pick up your child's report card. I will be here for post planning until Tuesday afternoon, so if there were any last comments, questions, or concerns you had, please feel free to drop by my classroom.

I have enjoyed being your child's teacher and I hope each of you has a wonderful, safe, and fun-filled summer break. Don't forget to keep practicing sight words, math facts, reading, and writing with your child to make sure they are just as ready for first grade (if not more so!).

If your child is having Callejas withdrawal (it's a thing, hehehe), or you just want to get out and try something new, please come visit me at any one of my summer locations including Blue Bamboo (serving dinner during evenings except on weekends), the Corner Bistro (providing live music on the first and last Thursday of every month -, and, of course, the beach!
I also provide summer tutoring and babysitting, so please keep me in mind if you need an afternoon to get errands done or night out with friends! :-)

Happy Summer Break!