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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Reflex Math

Don't forget to check out!
It is a great website where students can build fast and effortless recall of math facts through fun, learning games. Students brought their login information home last week along with a detailed letter explaining more about the program. If you need another copy, just send an email or a note letting me know.
Please remember that the students do need to complete the activities by themselves for optimal learning and they should not share their login information with their siblings or friends.
Happy learning!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

JCA & Valentine's Day

The students came to school this morning with a double dose of excitement! Not only were we going to see Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but we were also going to be able to celebrate Valentine's Day with all of our friends.
After our bus ride to JCA, the students found themselves immersed in an exciting, energetic version of the classic Goldilocks tale. They danced and squealed and laughed along with the characters as they watched Goldilocks learn the importance of telling the truth and using good manners. Lunch flew by and soon we were back on the bus and headed to class.
Once back inside, the students created a name place and colored a sweet Valentine's picture. Then all the boys put theirs on one side of the carpet and the girls put theirs on the other side of the carpet. I passed out my bags and modeled how to carefully put one on each student's name place. The students were so generous with each other and everyone brought goodies to share with their friends. After all the students finished passing out their treats, there were 19 mountains of love on the carpet! The students used large bags to store their Valentines and even had the chance to choose one of their Valentine's to eat before dismissal.
I also had a mountain of love on my desk and the students wanted me to open and show them all the things they had brought. When that was finished, everyone got a Valentine's day teacher hug and then headed home! What a Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 8, 2013

100th Day & the Sweetheart Dance

On Monday, February 4, the students celebrated their 100th day of kindergarten! Though I was out of the country, the students were able to participate in several fun activities that I left for them with Mrs. Smith. They created 100th day name patterns, read about the 100 baked goods in The Wolf's Chicken Stew, made a 100th day bag filled with 100 treats, and watched a fun learning video about the silent e (just to name a few)!
Then, on Thursday, February 7, many of the students stayed after school to have fun at the Sweetheart Dance. The students danced with friends, bought snacks and drink goodies, and had a great time laughing and playing.