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Thursday, September 13, 2012

League of Extraordinary Readers

The students were excited and ready to take on the world as we soared into this year's Reading Kickoff. Principal Reese dressed up as Super Woman and we had Dynamite Dave from the Boosterthon and Super Champ all leading out to help the kids get motivated to meet their reading goals. For kindergarten the goal is 45 books each 9 weeks with a grand total of 180 books by the end of the year. Students who meet their reading goal each quarter will get a Super Champ dog tag and little paw charms to add onto it with each goal that is met. Students who reach the yearly goal will attend the Reading Celebration at the end of the school year. The student who reads the most books by the end of May will also get a special prize. So don't forget to log the books you read with your child in the back of the agenda. We want all the students to join the League of Extraordinary Readers!