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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Field Day & Safety Day

Today was quite an eventful day for our kindergarten students (and teachers)!
We started with Field Day and the students were able to participate in relay races, play with hula hoops and bouncing balls, explore the first grade playground, catch each other in freeze tag, push each other on scooters, and enjoy three different inflatable courses. It was quite a morning of excercise!
After lunch, a little rest, and lots of water, we headed into our safety day rotations. The students had a chance to learn about many different ways to stay safe from various professionals that I invited out to our school for this special occasion. The police officers taught us about personal safety and staying away from strangers. The lifeguards talked about staying safe in the water, beach, and sun. The health volunteers showed us how to avoid poisons and take care of our bodies. The coast guard talked about staying safe on boats and what to do in an emergency situation.  The animal safety guests talked about how to take care of and stay safe around wild and domestic animals. The fire fighters taught us the importance of not playing with fire and having a plan in case there is a fire in our home.
Click the picture below to see some of the fun we had during safety day!

Safety Day