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Monday, January 23, 2012

Little Scientists

January is a big month for Science, both in our classroom and across the school. In kindergarten, the students begin to learn about the scientific process by taking part in a class science project. Our class decided to explore bones!

We began our experiment by observing six small chicken bones. The students concluded that these were just as hard as our own bones. We placed two of them in a container with vinegar, two of them in a container with water, and two of them in an empty container. For the next few days we carefully observed each of the bones and recorded what we saw taking place. The students didn’t notice much change and, by the third day, all of the students were predicting that bones will always be hard.

Our class was amazed when, on the fourth day, the bones in the vinegar had become bendable. We learned through research that bones contain a very important mineral called calcium, which helps to make them hard. Even though our initial predictions were off, we were able to conclude that bones can be made to bend if they do not have enough calcium in them to keep them strong and hard.

Your little scientists also learned about makeing ooblek and mixing colors during our Dr. Suess Science Day!

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