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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Munching on the Moon!

In science, we have been learning the differences and similarities between the night time and day time skies. One of the things the students noticed was that the moon can be seen sometimes during the day and sometimes during the night. We decided to do a little exploring to discover how this happens. The students were astonished to find out how our earth orbits around the sun and how the moon orbits around the earth. Once they understood how the moon reflects the light from the sun as it orbits, they were able to understand how we can see it at different times.
Today we discussed the different phases of the moon. Since the moon is too far away for us to do any hands on learning, I decided to substitute the moon with a Little Debbie Star Crunch! The students used their "moon" to create the different phases of our moon. We started with a full moon (uneaten), then a gibbous moon (only a sliver missing), followed by a quarter moon (or half), after that a crescent moon (the one that looks like a smile), and finally a new moon (all gone). Who knew learning could be so delicious?!

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