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Thursday, March 29, 2012

March is Magnificent

March has always been one of my favorite months - and it's not just because of my birthday! :-)
I love how the plants begin to flower, the trees turn vividly green, and the weather begins to warm up.
At school, March is just as beautiful. The students seem to shine and really show growth during this time, both physically and in their academics. Boys and girls who couldn't write their names a few months ago are blossoming into incredible authors and brilliant thinkers!
March also means that our school year is nearly through. Spring break provides a refresher for students, teachers, and parents and prepares us for our final quarter. As we venture into these last 45 days of school, don't forget to continue to practice daily with your children. Many new and exciting concepts will be introduced and it is important for the students to continue to receive support at home and at school.
Happy Spring!

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