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Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day!

Wow! We had quite a first day in kindergarten. Our day was a non-stop blur of learning about each other and about our classroom rituals and routines. We created self portraits, read stories, played with playdough, practiced our writing skills, explored math manipulatives, and somewhere found time to eat lunch and play outside for recess.
Dismissal was a little hectic due to the severe thunderstorm that decided to pass through, but everyone made it home safely and hopefully happy with their first day.
Please remember to have your child wear his or her transportation tag (the green one they came home wearing today) back to school tomorrow. Kindergarten students need to wear this back and forth each day for the first two weeks of school.
Your child also received his or her agenda today. This is our primary method of communication. Please take some time to look through it and get familiar with the set up. The clear pocket in the front is for sending things back and forth and in the back you will find your child's reading log. Go ahead and start filling it up with all the good books you read at home! If you (or your child) is reading chapter books, each chapter can be written down as one book on the log. Today's date is marked with a colored paperclip. Please make sure you check and sign this portion of the agenda daily.
We have an exciting year planned and I'm looking forward to another great school day tomorrow. :-)

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