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Friday, November 14, 2014

3D Shapes

Early next week the students will be having a shape recognition test over the following six 3D shapes: sphere, cylinder, cube, cone, rectangular prism, pyramid

Though we have been discussing these in class, several of the students could use a little more practice remembering the names. Please work with them daily so they will be ready for the upcoming test.
Later next week the students will again be assessed on the 3D shapes. This time, the test will cover the shape attributes. They will need to answer questions like: which 3D shapes can be stacked, which 3D shapes can roll, which 3D shapes have flat surfaces shaped like 2D shapes (the sphere is tricky because it looks like a circle on paper, but in reality, it has no flat surface shaped like a circle), etc…?

Click here to practice the 3D shapes I know song with your child!

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