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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Smart, Super Learners!

Thank you to all the parents who brought the students back to school this evening for the Kindergarten PTA Performance. They were so proud to sing songs for you and show off their superhero dance moves!

You may have heard your child talk about playing games or doing activities on our classroom mimio. The mimio is an amazing tool that transforms our dry erase board into an interactive computer screen. The students use the mimio pen to navigate through activities, answer questions, play games, and even write. It makes our technology more personal for the students and allows them the freedom to make their own choices during our carpet time lessons. Here are a few pictures that showcase just how tech savy your super learners are!

We also received a visit on Sunday from a sneaky leprechaun. Apparently, since no one was at school, he decided to leave us a message on our window along with a new hat for Mrs. Callejas and some "gold" for the kids.


  1. Jack told me all about that sneaky leprechaun. He thought that was really neat. Thanks for sharing. Renee