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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Egg Extravaganza!

The students were very excited to participate in our class' Easter Egg hunt the day before Spring Break began. Their eyes were wide with excitement as they gazed out over the field where hundreds of tantalizing, colorful eggs were spread out, just waiting to be found by the right child. You see, each child not only had to find 19 eggs, but they had to find the 19 eggs with their name on them! There were also some "smiley" face, or bonus, eggs to be found and one, very shiny, golden easter bunny shaped egg. This was the grand prize egg and the student who found it received money for the classroom store and an extra trip to the classroom store at the end of the day. While other students ran eagerly around the field looking for their eggs and the golden bunny (several of them ran right over it), Patrick planned his route meticulously, carefully searching through the clumps of high grass and clover. His hard searching paid off and he found the prize egg - Congratulations Patrick! All the kids had a great time and we finished the day with cupcakes and juice to celebrate Dakota's birthday (thank you Mr. Dixon!) and goodies to take home for Easter (thank you Mr. White!).
Hopefully, you all had a great spring break and I look forward to seeing 19 smiling, happy faces tomorrow morning as school resumes once more. :-)

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